Masala Baigan

Ingredients For the Paste: 2 tbsp peanuts 2 tbsp sesame seeds 1/2 tsp mustard seeds 2 green chilies 1/3 cup coriander leaves Other Ingredients: 750 gms brinjals  sliced 2 onions, finely chopped 1/2 tsp ginger-garlic paste 1/3 tsp cumin seeds 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 1/4 tsp coriander powder 1/4 tsp chilli powder 1/4 tsp garam

Chocolate Brownie

Ingredients 250 g unsalted butter 200 g good-quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) , broken up 75 g dried sour cherries 50 g chopped nuts , 80 g cocoa powder , sifted 65 g plain flour , sifted 1 teaspoon baking powder 360 g caster sugar 4 large free-range eggs Instructions Preheat your oven to

Salade Nicoise

Ingredients 1 kg potatoes, scrubbed 400gm red onion 1 kg Green beans, washed and trimmed 700-g can Tuna, solid pack or chunk 25 Anchovy fillets 50 Olives, black or green 5 Hard-cooked egg quarters 10 Tomato wedges 60 gm Chopped parsley Vinaigrette: 1 L Olive oil 250 mL Wine vinegar 5 gm Garlic, chopped fine

Roasted Beet Salad with Gorgonzola

Ingredients 750 g Red beetroot s, medium to large 375 g Mesclun 375 mL Mustard Vinaigrette 180 g Gorgonzola cheese, crumbled Instructions Wrap the red beets in foil Bake at 400°F (200 °C) until the beets are tender, about 1 hour. Cool the beets slightly. Trim the root and stem ends, and pull off the

Thai Papaya and Mango Salad

Ingredients 180 mL Lime juice 20 ml fish sauce 2 Serrano chiles, seeded, chopped fine 2 Scallions, chopped fine 30 g Brown sugar 750 g Mango, medium dice 750 g Papaya, medium dice 360 g cabbage, shredded 60 gm Roasted, Chopped peanuts Instructions Mix together the lime juice, fish sauce, chiles, scallions, and sugar. Stir

Waldorf Salad

Ingredients 350 ml Mayonnaise Dressing 6 no red eating apples 450 g Celery, small dice 100 g Walnuts, coarsely chopped 2 Lettuce cups Instructions Prepare the dressing. Place it in a large stainless-steel bowl and have it ready in the refrigerator. Core the apples and dice them to 1⁄2 in. (1 cm) without peeling them.


Ingredients 375 g Bulgur wheat, fine or medium texture 500 g Cucumber 7 gm Coarse salt 45 g Parsley, chopped 45 g Scallions, sliced thin 180 g Tomato, peeled, seeded, and chopped 90 mL Lemon juice 90 mL Olive oil to taste Salt to taste Pepper 2 Lettuce leaves Instructions Place the bulgur wheat in

Mixed Bean Salad with Olives and Tomatoes

Ingredients 250 g Chickpeas, cooked 250 g Red kidney beans, cooked 250 g white kidney beans, cooked 300 g Tomatoes, peeled, seeded, small dice 60 g Green olives, pitted, sliced 60 g Black olives, pitted, sliced 60 g Red onion, chopped fine 250 mL Mustard Vinaigrette 30 mL Chopped parsley 2 Lettuce leaves Instructions Combine

Pacific Rim Salad with Beef

Ingredients 900 g Bean sprouts 450 g Snow peas, trimmed and blanched 225 g Carrots, cut julienne 350 g Water chestnuts, sliced 125 g Scallions, chopped 125 g Slivered almonds, toasted 700 g Cold roast beef 5 00 mL Oriental Vinaigrette 700 g Chinese cabbage, shredded 5 Orange wedges Instructions Mix together the bean sprouts,

Carrot Salad

Ingredients 1 kg Carrots 275 mL Mayonnaise 50 mL Vinaigrette to taste Salt 2Lettuce cups 1 Pitted black olives Instructions Peel the carrots. Shred them on a coarse grater. Combine the mayonnaise and vinaigrette. Mix until smooth. Add the carrots and mix. Season to taste with salt. Arrange the lettuce cups as underliners on cold

Caesar Salad

Ingredients 1 kg Romaine leaves 125 g White bread 30–45 mL Olive oil 2 Garlic cloves 4 Anchovy fillets 250 mL Olive oil 2 Eggs 75 mL Lemon juice 30 g Parmesan cheese, grated to taste Salt Procedure Wash and drain the greens thoroughly. Chill in the refrigerator Trim the crusts from the bread. Cut

Corn and Crab Chowder with Basil

Ingredients 90 gm Vegetable oil 375 g Onions, medium dice 2 Garlic cloves, chopped 90 g Flour 3.5 L Mild fish stock or chicken stock 250 mL Dry white wine 1 kg Potatoes, medium dice 2 Bay leaves 1 kg Corn kernels, fresh or frozen 125 gm Fresh basil leaves, shredded 1 kg Crabmeat 500

Chilled Melon and Mint Soup

Ingredients 1.4 kg Galia melon 1.6 kg Charentais melon 1.9 kg Honeydew melon 600 g Watermelon to taste Lemon juice to taste Sugar 2 oz Mint leaves,finely chopped Garnish: as needed as needed Mint sprigs Instructions Quarter the melons. Scrape the seeds from the galia, Charentais, and honeydew melons. Remove as many seeds as possible


Ingredients 1.2 kg Tomatoes, peeled and chopped fine 500 g Cucumbers, peeled and chopped fine 250 g Onions, peeled and chopped fine 125 g Green bell peppers, seeded and chopped fine 2 gm Crushed garlic 60 g Fresh white bread crumbs 500 mL Water or tomato juice, cold 125 ml Olive oil to taste Salt

Seafood Gumbo

Ingredients 90 g Vegetable oil 180 g Onion, small dice 120 g Celery, small dice 120 g Green bell pepper, small dice 30 g Garlic, chopped fine 7 gm Dried thyme 7 gm Dried basil 5 gm Dried oregano 2 Bay leaves 5g m Cayenne 5 gm Black pepper 2 tsp Paprika 4 L Fish

Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef and Rice Noodle Soup)

Ingredients 3 L Beef broth 20 gms slices Fresh ginger root s 3 stalks Lemon grass, coarsely chopped 180 g Shallots, sliced thin 1 Cinnamon stick 90 ml fish sauce) to taste Salt 750 g Beef tenderloin 750 g Rice noodles Instructions Combine the broth, ginger, lemon grass, shallots, and cinnamon stick in a stockpot.

Clear Vegetable Soup

Ingredients 125 g Butter 750 g Onions, small dice 500 g Carrots, small dice 500 g Celery, small dice 375 g Turnip, small dice 6 L Chicken stock 500 g tomatoes, coarsely chopped to taste Salt to taste t White pepper 375 g Frozen peas, thawed Procedure Heat the butter in a heavy saucepot over

Malai kofta Recipe

Malai kofta   is a curry type recipe. To make malai kofta at home follow the below instruction for  malai kofta recipe. Ingredients 1 1/2 lb. potatoes 2 cumulous tbsp every of broken paneer, khoya and thick malai(You will substitute this with baked cheese cheese and significant cream) 4-5 cashewnuts shredded 1 tbsp raisins 2-3 finely

Chicken Laksa

Here is a hot and spicy noodle soup that is excellent as a one-dish meal.

Murgh Methi Kofta

Kasoori methi makes these chicken kofta absolutely heavenly.